Sunday, March 30, 2014

The story of my dream

Everything started with just one phone call. There was a ten years old girl living in Warsaw - the capital of Poland. She never knew what would happen to her in just few years. She was just visiting her grandma when the phone rang. The old lady rushed to pick up the phone.

Who was calling?

Nobody would ever expect that... It was little girl's uncle. Yes. The one who had gone to America many years before she was born. He called to say that he's having a daughter. First daughter when he was sixtysomething. It surely wasn't just a coincidence, it must have meant something very important, but at the time little girl didn't know what... Her mother , grandma and her mother's brother were invited to small city Troy in the suburbs of Detroit in Michigan to join the ceremony of baptism of uncle's new born daughter. Just a few months earlier girl wouldn't ever expected that her mom would go to America. It was always her dream to visit 'the new world' but it was just a dream. Like the one that every girl or boy has. Like the one of being a princess and finding her prince charming. But suddenly the dream became real. It was as real as it had never been before. She could almost reach it with her hand and grab it and never let go. And that's what she did. And now she can tell you that the phone call changed her life for ever.

You are probably wondering who was that little girl...? Maybe I'll surprise you, maybe I won't. The little girl happened to be me. I was sitting at my grandma's house when the phone rang. When I close my eyes I can still see it clearly. The phone call  did changed my life. The summer after the phone call I went to America for the first time. During my stay there I got to visit American school and then my biggest dream began... a dream of studying in America.

My name is Wiktoria Łukasiewicz and I'm almost seventeen years old. I am a student of XXXIII Nicholaus Copernicus Bilingual High School in Warsaw. I'm attending year 10th now but after the summer vacation I'll be studying in one of the finest America's boarding schools thanks to the ASSIST program.

How is that even possible? As I told you the dream of becoming a student in America grew with every year. And suddenly the opportunity came. Last summer I was at sailing camp and I met a girl there. Her name was Kasia. I figured out that she was studying at a highs school which I was about to start in the fall. I was happy that I will have at least one person that I know in the beginning but she said that she is not going to be there this year. It was her who told me about ASSIST program. She said she was going to study in America in a private school next year. I asked her dozens of questions because I have always wanted to be part of an exchange program.

When the fall came she flew to USA and I started high school. I knew that I had to apply that year, it was the last chance for me to get a scholarship and go  to America as a high school student. So I applied for ASSIST program. And here I am one of the five chosen from whole Poland with full scholarship. I don't know what was so special about me that they decided to chose me... And I will spend my next year in the USA and I just cant wait to go there. There are still 136 days left until my departure and I still don't know the name of the school that I'll be attending so I have to be patient. And that's why I decided to start this blog. I'm going  to write my whole ASSIST experience in here.

I hope that I caught your attention and that you will be reading my story! My next post will be about how I applied and how I got the scholarship and maybe if I'm lucky about my future school.

See you next time 
- Wik.


  1. Hi Wiktoria! I've found your blog randomly and read the whole story of your US experience and now I wanna say that your English level is very high and I wish you unforgettable memories from that year in States! You made me interested in that story so I'll keep reading it! Xx

    1. Thank you a lot! I never thought of my english level as very high and I think there's a lot to work on for me and I think that us will be a great opportunity to do that but it's a great pleasure to hear that! And thank you again! I hope to get unforgettable memories! And i think they will be like that! This tear will be totally different than others and I can't wait yo go there! And I'm very glad to hear that somebody will be reading it! Xx

  2. Wow I really like your blog :)